Markets in Something

by Mr Juggles

It’s frequently said that you can’t get something for nothing. This is true. But what is the price of something? Difficult to know. This has been a market that lacked liquidity and price discovery.

Luckily, the Something Store has started making a market in somethings. You can buy as many as you like for $10 per something. I suspect they are capturing a large producer surplus here — somethings may well be worth less than $10 — but I nonetheless admire their willingness to make a market in something.

Recommendation: We’re still working on how to make a market in anything which seems to be a dangerous proposition. Something can be more valuable than anything, but in a discretionary context, anything is likely to be a lot more valuable than something. Nothing can actually be more valuable than anything or something. And then you bring everything into the equation and it’s worth either zero, infinity or negative infinity, and there is clearly a lot of science that needs to be done.

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