Yahoo’s CEO is Addicted to Gambling, Stock Down

by Johnny Debacle

Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) benefited from a Carly Catapult when they announced that they had replaced Terry Semel with Jerry Yang as CEO in June. Little did they know that their incoming CEO (informer) was a poker junkie with a serious lack of focus. Jerry Yang has spent the last week plus holed up in a casino and competing in the World Series of Poker, the seminal annual poker event.

Screw the board meeting, I got pocket cowboys in my pants

You can google this (Yahoo won’t get you the same results because it sucks) and you will see it is true. We did and it is. It is no coincidence that Yahoo stock is down ~5% today as of this updated writing and it is no wonder why Yang says he will need 100 days to do a “strategic and operational review” of the firm. How many of those days will be blown on his infamous poker benders?

Recommendation: While we commend the sheer hubris of taking a week off work as head of one of the largest internet companies to compete in the WSOP, is this really what serves shareholders of Yahoo best? Short YHOO.

Note: This recommendation was filed yesterday based on yesterday’s prices. We have predicted the future, in the past, because we are smarter than you.

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