3rd Hand Smoke

by Mr Juggles

Everyone knows the dangers of 2nd hand smoke. In fact, smoking bans have gone into effect across the nation in restaurants, bars, within 5 ft of office buildings, and inside my old lady’s house. And I constantly hear whiny-type people complaining to smokers that they are suffering due to 2nd hand smoke. I am now fed up with this behavior. These worry-warts have never apologized to me for making me breath their filthy 3rd hand smoke. And yet wherever I go, I find myself inadvertantly inhaling the smoke that has been exhaled by 2nd hand smokers*.

*before you make the obvious, sarcastic comment you should know that I have had carbon filters installed in my throat. I would never subject anyone to 4th hand smoke.

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  1. August 23rd, 2006 | 7:44 pm

    once i knew this associate banker that shoved a lit cigarette up his ass because he lost a bet with a VP during the finals of March Madness.

    at least the only smoke/scent from that was from the burning grundle and skin.

    so much better than 3rd hand smoke.