Motivated Prostitutes, the Opposite of Lazy Unions

by Kaiser Edamame

Italy has prostitutes and these prostitutes have rights. One small Italian mayor is trying to eclipse those rights. Last week he passed a law making it illegal to obstruct or slow traffic for the purpose of soliciting sex. The soliciting sex part is fine, it’s the obstructing traffic part that concerns him enough to slap the offense with a €50 fine. Well the prostitutes of Padua had enough so they decided they’re not going to take this sitting down, they are going to take this lying down, on their backs. The upset ladies are protesting by offering sex for the low low price of “on the house.” That’s right, to protest this injustice they are going to bang, constantly for zip, zilch, zero, nada, goose egg, perf – perf, 0 euros. The women participating will be wearing pink ribbons to let their customers know. Sidenote: These are just the kind of girls we need for the Save these Hot Boobs from Cancer campaign.

When unions get wronged, mad, or bored they protest by REFUSING to work and they STILL get paid. Then there’s prostitutes, when they get pissed they get even by STILL going to work and REFUSING pay. That is getting it done. There is the one small problem which is that this method of protest doesn’t really set up the right incentive structure: “So what you’re telling me is you’re going to have sex with me for free until I repeal this law? And if I repeal this law then you’ll go back to charging me? Ok, yeah let me think about what my best option is but first why don’t you get in my car so you don’t get a 50 euro ticket you pretty little thing.”

Even though sometimes they’re not the smartest I’m still long hookers and obviously short unions.

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