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Better Ways to Spend $7.4 billion than buying Chrysler

Published on May 14, 2007 by in Research
  • Donating $1,000 in malt liquor money to each member of the US homeless population
  • Making Spiderman 3 24.67 times
  • Drowning a stripper by making it rain with $7.4 billion in singles. Sacagawea singles.
  • Buying decaying shark corpse art for all your closest friends. Your 1,000 closest friends assuming you get a discount for buying decaying shark corpses in bulk (we have little information on the dynamics of the decaying shark art market).
  • Purchasing Manchester United, Arsenal, AC Milan, Real Madrid, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the LA Dodgers, the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets with enough cash to probably buy half the NHL.
  • Lifetime bottle service
  • 1.75 billion golf balls to prep for that management consulting interview question
  • A money bonfire
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