by Kaiser Edamame

Check out this slide I found in a recent Visteon investor presentation:

Visteon New Ideas

That’s right, believe it or not the hard working employees at Visteon have had 100% year-over-year growth in “ideas”. Now that is something. You might ask, well just how many ideas did they have? And that’s impossible to answer, because there is no scale whatsoever on the graph. For all we know 2003 could have been an extremely easy comp for ideas: Visteon employees could’ve sat around all year long reading books they had already read and, as a result, had almost no new ideas in 2003.

What I’d like to know is who had the idea to make and show this slide? And perhaps more importantly, was the idea for this slide included in the ‘new ideas’ calculation? If not, it’s possible that this slide is actually understating the true new idea growth.

So I just told my 15-year-old brother about this, he said that he thinks for every new idea he has today, he’s likely to have 2 new ideas tomorrow. That’s 100% growth in new ideas PER DAY. Impressive.

So conclusion is Long: My Little Brother, Short: Visteon. The thesis is that my Little Brother’s new idea growth will outpace Visteon’s by roughly 1x(10^109)% per year, roughly.

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