Long the Web 8.0

by Mr Juggles

The Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco has become a hotbed for entrepreneurs eager to separate venture capitalists from their cash. With business models dependent on flashy graphics and Google Adsense revenues, these startups often appear more like interesting features for existing products than standalone companies (Click for previous research on What is Web 2.0?). Still, innovation must continue and the forward-thinking Web 2.0 Conference organizers have sent out the call to begin defining the Web 3.0.

Long or Short sees no reason to look ahead only one generation. We have instead decided to begin defining and building the Web 8.0. Our new concepts will be a full 5.0 generations ahead of current thinking. Discounting the Web 8.0 at the prevailing web generation discount rate (10%) gives us a present generational value of Web 3.39

We recommend a long position in Web 8.0 with an expected return of 13% (= 0.39/3.0).

Please note that we are simultaneously downgrading the Web 2.0 Conference to Web 1.3 after finding out that the initial roster of speakers includes Jon Miller (AOL, a Web 1.0 company) and Arthur Sulzberger (NYTimes, a Paper 3.0 company).

Note that this post is still in Beta

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