by Johnny Debacle

In Jordan, drivers for tours are not legally permitted to also be tour guides. So while it makes sense that a Jordanian driver for a group of 50 Germans, who speaks pretty good deutsche and happens to know a little about Nabatean culture, also lead the guided tour of Petra when the group gets there, he cannot. He will not be allowed. Instead, he will pass his group to a specialist licensed tour guide. While “economists” and other fake scientists may see this as wasteful, what this really does is create jobs. Where 1 job should exist, 2 jobs exist and the proletariat rejoices.

We suspect that this kind of job creation is the perfect way to solve the Middle East’s burgeoning shortage of jobs for the large young cohort which is entering the labor force. Simply take one job, split it in two and you have two jobs. Why haven’t governments thought of this sooner?

I wish that that the government mandated that if you work in finance, you could not also sexually harass female employees yourself, someone else had to do it for you. It would really free up my work day.

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