Accounting in my Refrigerator

by Sir Equity Go

11/11/06: It was recently announced that Sir Equity Go (Me) will be switching form a LIFO to FIFO refrigerator accounting system. This news comes quickly on the heels of a $10 write-off of inventory for “Raw chicken cutlets in a ziplock” that had been sitting in inventory for two months, hidden under the bacon. The chicken’s market value was reassessed at market value which is substantially lower due to salmonella allegations. The benefits of this change will clearly outweigh the negative tax implications.

11/12/06: Sir Equity Go (Me), in a bold reorganization of his food production and consumption process, has announced plans to initiate a Just-in-Time inventory system. The practical application of this shift will require Sir Equity to eat only take-out Chinese food for every meal. While this will streamline his inventory system, it will also likely increase his W/H ratio (Weight/Height) substantially.

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