Companies We Love: Rakuten Group

by Mr Juggles

Long or Short, mini-ballers, and effective executives all love the phrase “Get It Done.” It conveys the crucial point of business across: results matter, so make things happen now. Naturally, we also love a company that embraces this phrase and philosophy as their number 1 motto. This is taken directly from the Rakuten Group (TSE: 4755) annual report.

Goal of Rakuten Group: To be the No. 1 Internet Service Company
The five concepts of success at Rakuten Group:

  • Get Things Done
  • Complete Professionalism
  • Hypothesize, Execute, Verify and Incorporate
  • Maximize Customer Satisfaction
  • Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!

Recommendation: Initiate a long position in Rakuten in the expectation that they Get Things Done with Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!

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