Creativity Destruction: New Year Culling

by Mr Juggles

Update: All culled posts are deleted as of 1/4/06.

We recently learned about how the Japanese make up the history in their textbooks so that little Japanese schoolgirls never have to learn things like that the Japanese wantonly murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese in the Nanking massacre or that being able to buy used panties from a vending machine is pretty weird to human beings on planet Earth. Applied to the business of creating business humor online, we think this technique could help keep our own “Japanese schoolgirls” (our readers) from ever knowing the dozens of horrors we have created in failed posts.

Here is a list of Six Posts I’m deleting on Wednesday and specific reasons why they were failures.

Underground Toy Market Is Really a Front for Drugs — No story there. No real business connection, no humor, little truth. Deep, you sucked on that one Bro.

Outsourcing My Thoughts On Outsourcing: Pt 2 — Great concept but in practice worthless, as some readers pointed out (cruelly you cruel bastards). $40 poorly, even if interestingly, spent. Part 1 will remain, but part 2 is to be culled.

Internet Shadow Advertising Market — More like An idea is useless without support and execution.

Charity Pie Revenue Maximization — Who gives a crap about pies? Or charities for that matter? To think, I spent time reading that that could have been spent managing the immigrants who wax my yacht. Next.

Will you replace with the Choo-Choo’s? — I would rather raze the internet and salt the Earth with BloggerSwap’s corpse than leave any mention of that hideous traffic scam existant on the Web.

The Difference Between Looting and Finding — This came from a third party provider.

We just want our subscriberholders to know that Long or Short Capital acknowledges failure; then we destroy it.

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