Do Trends Continue Forever: Nyet

by Johnny Debacle

Comrade Kaiser-

Nice reply on how Russia’s recent successes will doubtlessly continue…forever. I mean what trend doesn’t continue on unabated? That was the beauty of the investments my granpappy made in Argentina in 1925, it just kept on going up because where else would it go? And that time in 1979 that pa came home with a flatbed truck full of 1000oz silver bricks which he had bought at $30/oz. The fortune he made selling it all 10 years later (as the trend continued unbroken upward) allowed him to buy a hovercraft. And don’t forget that time in the summer of ’94, when I put my lifesavings in Russian bonds. I love the ruble!

The rule of “Trends Never End” rules. But shouldn’t you look at the relative Russia investment situation now, and decide whether it’s fairly valued or not, or whether there are inherent risks, such as the Russian proclivity for totaltarian rule or their love for vodka, that are not being fully considered or accurately built into prices?


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