Hey Unions — Get Over Yourselves II

by Johnny Debacle

In the Q1’06, we wrote a report on how flight attendants were boycotting Flight Plan (See related report Hey Unions, Get Over Yourselves) because it depicted a FICTIONAL flight attendant trying to mess with Jodie Foster. This morning, Northwest’s flight attendant union announced their strike plan, CHAOS. What does it stand for?

The airline’s 9,300 flight attendants are poised to begin random work stoppages starting at 7:01 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) if a court ruling Friday doesn’t block a strike. They’re protesting the airline’s plan to cut their wages and benefits by about $195 million a year.

Under their plan called CHAOS Create Havoc Around Our System flight attendants will strike in some cities and flight by flight, rather than a widespread strike.

I would have called it Operation RERE which stands for “Who Needs Customers if We Keep Our Salaries at Existing Levels.”

Recommendation: The “if we make our crappy bankrupt company worse, maybe we won’t lose our overpaid jobs” tactic never seems to be that effective as part of a “stay employed” strategy. They would be much better off if they didn’t strike and just switched their outfits to ones like this. Short Unions.

(Hat tip Dealbreaker.com)

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