How Much You’re Worthicus

by Surname T Legacy

My great great great great great.......great grand pappyI descend from a lineage that can be traced back to the Roman Empire, a time when men were men, women were women, and, sometimes, boys were women too. My forefather kept a meticulous journal on valuation of everything ancient Roman, knowing that such a journal would be a helpful guide the economic choices that his descendants would face over the next several millennia. In my family, it has been a masculine tradition to keep similar logs of economic thought and financial analysis. I will from time to time share with you relevant passages from these Legacy records.

From my forefather, Cornelius Scipio Flipio (translated from the original latin):

On Valuing The Plebs

You, plebs, I have need to ascribe upon you a value. This is the way I would do such a thing as that.

First Question: How are your teeth?
Second Question: Can you pull a plow?
Third: Salary

Add a 10% premium to your salary for good teeth; add a 15% premium for plow ability. Lastly, it is required that I then do a DCF on that number. That is your number. That is what I would pay for you. You are an asset, and I do not even have concern about your humanity, but I only have concern about what I would pay for you. That is the way in which I see you.

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