How to Get People to Comment More: A Case for Giant Comments

by Johnny Debacle

We love commenters. Not all of them, but we love some of them, especially those which have our names. One of the many riddles we have solved is how to get more frequent non-spam comments. The best way?


I took the html which controlled the “Comments” link which is appended on every post and made the font twice as large. As for the results, I will let empiriscm do the talking. Here is a chart with the number of comments we had per post before our Giant Comment initiative was undertaken, and after it was fully in place. As you can see, the pro-forma C:P ratio is much larger.

Note that that chart was constructed with Microsoft’s Excel, none of this Star Office/Open Office intern level software, so you know those numbers are legit.

Recommendation: Screw going large, go GIANT.

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