How to Hold Based on Insider Information

by Johnny Debacle

Long or Short Capital receives a lot of reader email asking us how to trade using insider information. Naturally, we are experts in this field and we find that insider trading is a strategy which is extremely effective, especially when you route all your trading through a bevy of untraceable Cayman Island shell corporations. Many readers already know and practice buying and selling on material non-public info, so we thought it would be more helpful if we explored how to hold on material non-public info.

  1. Have a position in a company which issues tradeable public securities (stocks, options, bonds, etc).
  2. Obtain material non-public information from insiders of this same company.
  3. Do not buy any of this company’s tradeable public securities.
  4. Do not sell any of this company’s tradeable public securities.
  5. Profit.
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