Japan’s Great Insight

by Mr Juggles

I'm unemployable, uneducated and made of doughSometimes it seems that population experts must spend their entire lives discussing birth rates. “Country X has so many people it is falling apart and they need to all be sterilized. Country Y has so few children that everyone needs to be forced to procreate. This country blah blah blah.”

Now I see that the experts are concerned that “Japan [is] Steadily Becoming a Land Of Few Children.” The theory is that just because the Japanese have basically substituted Pokemon toys for children in their culture and shun immigrants as a culture, they will eventually run into problems when they’re all old farts and don’t have any young ones to care for them.

Isn’t this really a case of cutting the wheat from the chaff? The Japanese have realized that babies are just not that smart, not that educated, not that good at work and cost a lot to maintain. Society suffers all of that just in the hope that these babies will one day take care of the society, an idea of dubious merit given the qualities of your average baby. Why not do away with the baby overclass altogether? This is what the Japanese are planning.

While the idea sounds attractive on the surface, the potential problems of who takes cares of an elderly society remains. Japan has addressed the care giving shortfall by “subsidizing the development of robots as caregivers for the old”. So smart. No one, not even a stupid baby wants to deal with smelly old people and their problems. Japan has also solved the deep-rooted needs of society to feel like parents by means of digital pets (basically the same thing as a baby) and assorted synthetic maternal love simulators. The Japanese have leapfrogged us once again in the area of efficiency.

Recommendation: Long Japanese society. Short procreation. Long Pokemon and care-giving robots.

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