Kenyan Investment Scam on Capital IQ

by User Submitted

Submitted by user JS

This is actual e-mail I got sent via Capital IQ, completely unsolicited. I work for a large public mutal fund company. The next note will be one asking me to cash a check for him for $1 million dolalrs…


I am writing to enquire whether you’ve had a chance to look at our equity research notes uploaded on Capital IQ. If you’ve not, kindly take some time to look at it or, if you prefer, I could email then to you directly.

Our firm is an investment bank, member of the Nairobi Stock Exchange, in Kenya. We are among the leaders in corporate finance, research and brokerage.

We could work with you to identify and unlock value for your funds right here in our market. Our market currently has attractive bargain opportunities, and being a frontier/emerging capital markets presents portfolio maximization advantages as follows:

(i) Largely uncorrelated to developed world capital markets

(ii) Driven by the pace and momentum of economic development in the economy: which has a very long way to go.

(iii) Listed stocks are in the very strategic and high-growth sectors of the economy whose growth trajectories are much higher than general economic growth rates.

Kindly get in touch with me to explore how we could incept beneficial relationships between our two firms.

Kind regards,



[Redacted] Investment Bank Ltd


Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: [Redacted]

Cell: [Redacted]

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