Legal Strategies for Duck Duck Goose

by Johnny Debacle

These are alternative optimization strategies for potential Goose‘s who would be disadvantaged in a chase of the It.

The It selects several sitting participants as Duck, noting his election aloud. At a time of his choosing while proceeding around the circle, he will select a Goose. The Goose is bound by a verbal contract asserting certain implied legal responsibilities on the Goose‘s part. The Goose must tag the It before the It takes the Goose‘s seat. As I understand it, the Goose is not contractually bound to forfeit their property rights to their seat nor is the Goose contractually bound to run either clockwise or counterclockwise. This makes permissable a squatting strategy on the Goose‘s part, as well as a legal claim that the It‘s potential future seizure of the Goose‘s seat is illegal at which point the Goose can seek injunctive relief.

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