On Two Years of Greatness

by Mr Juggles

Long or Short Capital’s ascendancy began 2 years ago today, with this first recommendation. Anyone who heeded our advice squeezed tremendous hypothetical returns out of the citrus trade.

In this short period of time we have:

  • Migrated our operation from Blogger.com to an enterprise solution
  • Published hundreds of in-depth (or shallow) notes on the market
  • Become the #1 abstract long or short investment advisory firm on the internet and in the world

For the next two years, our primary goals include:

  • Piratery
  • Replacing Hank Paulson as Secretary of the Treasury with Dr Deep Gupta
  • Gain acceptance of SAAP such that we are finally able to IPO on the NASDAQ

You are welcome for providing two years of an incredible investment commentary and analysis.

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  1. July 29th, 2007 | 12:40 am

    Might have had the NYTimes DealBook comment on the site.