Questions without Answers…Solved

by Mr Juggles

Sometimes I have questions but don’t have the answers. Here are a couple examples:

  • Why do we use a french word, “entrepreneur”, to describe someone who builds a business or otherwise innovates. This type of person is effectively outlawed in France. Let’s relabel entrepenuers what they really are: “Americans”.

    Example: Those americans who started Skype are rolling in it.

  • Why do we call a go-getter, a “go-getter”? If someone really is a go-getter wouldn’t they have go-gotten a position where they make others go-get for them? Types of people who are currently called “go-getters” should be relabeled “tyrants in waiting”.

    Example: Michael Milken was a real tyrant in waiting in his youth.

  • Who buys those Bowflex machines sold on TV? …Actually, there really is no answer to this one. [Edit: the first commenter links to a great NY Times article on the bowflex]

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