Sell Out Saturday: Subscribers Get Rich

by Mr Juggles

It is a little over a week till the end of our Q2’06 and it is time for our subscribers to think about the impending riches which await them per our dividend policy.

But how can you get more rich? Email a link to the best Long or Short Article (see the list of Our Best Posts on the left sidebar) to a good friend of the other sex. In fact, to make it easier for you, I have written the email for you so that you can just copy and paste it.

Dear [Insert Recipient’s Name],

This site is very great and I think you would love to read it and click all their ads. Here is an example of an article I really liked which compares investing to dating

But this is not the only reason I have contacted you. Recently I have found myself lost in thought thinking about you and our time together. I know, for a lot of reasons it doesn’t make sense, but I long for your lips and the tender way your hands brush against me when we’re around one another. I think we’d be great together and I’m ready to make hundreds of babies with you. Hopefully, I’m not coming on too strong and you feel the same.

I long for your reply and be sure to check out that incredible while I’m waiting.

Oceans of Love,
[Insert Your Name Here]

We have tested this email with science, and it has proven to be the most successful at generating pageviews and ad revenue. Be sure to CC us on all emails (, and whoever sends out the most gets a digital kiss from our staff. We love you too.

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