Sell Out Saturday: The Most Exceptional Accounts Receivable Factoring Firm I Have Never Used

by Mr Juggles

This is a sponsored post

Whenever Long or Short has accounts receivable factoring needs, which is to say all the time, the firm we have never turned to is Transfac Capital for accounts receivable factoring. Based on extensive research, and even more extensive due diligence, and also some channel checking, and one ill-advised expensive consultant’s report, and the opinion of this magic 8-ball, and you really thought I can’t put in another comma demarcated area because it’s too strung out already, but you’d be wrong, we can conclude that Transfac is the most exception accounts receivable factoring firm which Long or Short Capital has never used. The reason we continue to never use it, is we fear it losing the aforementioned standing in our accounts receivable factoring ranking — if we were to use them, it would entirely discombobulate the rankings.

But when we are facing immediate needs for cash, our piggybank is dry, and the only option we have is to sell our accounts receivables to a third party, we would definitely consider using an accounts receivable factoring firm like Transfac (but not actually Transfac due to the aforementioned rankings concern).

The question on everyone’s minds, “How Is Factoring different from financing from a bank?”, is handled in their FAQ,

TRANSFAC focuses on the credit worthiness of your customers when making funding decisions. Banks will focus on your company’s financial history and cash flow. Additionally, since Factoring is not a loan; there is less debt on your company’s balance sheet. TRANSFAC is able to make quick funding decisions, banks may take weeks or months to approve a loan.

One of the best aspects of Transfac Capital is their bold choice of a pine green in their web design. It says real, natural, green….AR factoring. It makes you feel like eating a pie in a Twin Peaks setting, warm and welcome, but without the scary backwards talking jazz dancing midgets! We can’t recommend them enough for a firm we have never used.

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