Spam at its Best: Serret Bu(y)

by Mr Juggles

Dear ????????

I write kindly in response to the email you sent me yesterday, which was as followed (translated from Japanese by Google’s “Human Translator Trapped in a Box” Service):

From: ????????
Date: 22 Feb 2006 22:22:50 +0900
Subject: ??????????

Is association with the Serret Bu woman whom it selects how? It gets wet to getting wet and the ? woman who is sown anytime and being perfection free anywhere, it introduces. Abundant service just of the member such as neighboring searching * copying mail searching fully! Until agreement it goes, thoroughly it is distant the partner searching. The stewardess * nurse * model * SECRETARY * housewife and the like it is on the register in large quantities and the ? is. Thoroughly getting the partner of your ideal, please pass the hot night.

The ? where with just no charge register the reply reaches from the woman directly in your mail BOX

Yes, please send me further information about joining your yacht club; I look forward to wet to getting wet with all the other boating members, especially the ? woman.

Recommendation: Long “? ” and potentially “Serret Bu,” if you can find any paper. Continued Sector Outperform rating for scones.

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