The New Guy

by Johnny Debacle

Hello. I’m a new poster, my name is Johnny Debacle. JD for short. My MO is abbreviations. Because nothing beats a good abbrev. Well, nothing other than a cooler, better abbrev. The only abbrevs that I can’t stand are overused, hackneyed abbrevs (e.g. LOL et al). But really, comparing abbrevs? Come on, find a better use of time.

I’ve noticed some of the other longorshort bloggers using really big words so I thought I’d kick it off by helping the readers who don’t understand them.

– this refers to a person who grabs on to icons, usually the ones on his desktop, and then drags them all over the place with no regard for human life. I know, random word huh?

– this word is only understood by a small group of people, I couldn’t get a hold of them to get a definition.

Finally I’d like to say that I am the man. I was watching Miss Teen USA last night, and turned to my buddy right when Miss Teen Ohio walked out and I said: “she’s the best, she’s got the goods”. Two thrilling hours later, she was crowned.

Now she’s moving to New York and has free hair care for a year, and boy did she earn it. I can’t wait to email her. Also, her favorite song is “Eye of the Tiger,” what a GREAT answer to that question, ha, eye of the tiger, that’s just great.

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