This Week in Tweets for 2009-10-31

by Mr Juggles
  • We will be adopting trend posting, a posting schedule poised to deliver predictable and strong returns according to our new algorithm #
  • Today's trend following posting update: Yes, Post. #
  • Markets need to stay up or trend following posting is a failure #
  • not sure how to play the trend following posting today, as the open looks negative — but if we see momentum, we will post #
  • last tweet belied the fact that clearly we are sure how to play the trend following posting on a day like today, we are smarter than we know #
  • Twitter's definition box in the right sidebar is obnoxious; yes we get it, every little thing is a "fun way" to interact with twitter #
  • Screw this trend following abortion, let's try reverse trend following posting, markets about to launch up, buy now #
  • We got hacked! By spammers! On October 5th! Here is an example of the result — #

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