Undervalued Assets

by Mr Juggles

With the pending release of our quarterly financials, and facing a lack of appealing growth opportunities, we have decided to focus on growing the entire category and pushing the needle that way. In light of this, we have added a list of sites under “Undervalued Assets” which will be populated with smaller, undervalued investing or financial blogs in whom our readers should consider investing. Think of it is as a watch list of small cap blogs. If you know of sites that fit this criteria or are a site that fits this definition, shoot an email to misterjuggles@gmail.com. We only require good content or cash bribes, but please do not be insulted if we add you or take you off after adding you, we intend to have it a healthy amount of rotation to make it more useful.

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  1. utesdude
    June 16th, 2007 | 9:57 pm

    Delving into the mid-market is a sign of desperation for LongOrShort, just as it is for Oracle and SAP in enterprise software

    I think we’ll see guidance lowered on the Q