Walmart’s Nintendo Wii Gift Card is the Evolutionary Gift Certificate

by Johnny Debacle

Discerning children and adults alike are demanding a Nintendo Wii, the new console by Nintendo (OTC: NTDOY), for Christmas. The demand had peaked as of Wednesday when at any given time 6000 Wii’s were available on eBay and the consoles were selling for $200 premiums over their list price of $250 (compared to the Sony (NYSE: SNE) Ps3 which had fallen to $100 premiums and now sells for about the face price of $600). What do you do get when you can’t afford the premium but want to let your kid or boyfriend know that he will be getting a Wii for sure? Enter the Walmart (NYSE: WMT) Nintendo Wii Gift Card.

Whlie Walmart’s card states you can use the card for any $250 combination of Walmart goods, by having the Wii on the card, it psychologically primes the receiver of the card to not use it for anything except the Wii. The next step is to lock them in and remove the ability to use it for other things altogether.Why give someone cash when you can them a raincheck for a specific item that is impossible to find!

Gift certificates are more liquid than product specific gift cards, so are more likely to be utilized and are worth more than product specific gift cards. Yet both are priced the same with respect to their nominal purchasing power, which means that a gift card offers a worse deal for your child or loved one than simply getting a gift certificate (much less just giving them cash). Show you care by limiting their choice and reducing the liquidity of their convertible gift assets!

Recommendation: Essentially, these are free loans of indeterminate durations made by consumers to corporations. If Wii plants are the victims of sabotage, we would use this as the catalyst to enter into any stock which has forward sold their Wii stock with no delivery date. Also look for firms who find are most effective at replacing their gift certificate debt with product specific gift card debt, affecting a lower cost of financing.

By the way, if you really want a Wii, LoS can get one for you. It’s simple. Just send us $250. We will in turn give you a link to print out an official LoS Nintendo Wii gift card. We cannot say when, but we guarantee delivery at some point in the future, let’s call that date X Xth, 2XXX. At that point you can pick up the Wii from our retail locations*. In the mean time, you can use this to give as a gift in the place of the actual Nintendo Wii (which Wii you would now be unable to buy and receive in time for Christmas because you are a horrible parent who has procrastinated your gift buying) to appease your litter.

Which do not exist

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