July 2008 LHC End of the Universe Puts

by Johnny Debacle

People are concerned about an end of existence event that may be caused by the Large Hadron Collider and there is talk when the LHC is turned on in July 2008, that a super-collision here, a super-collision there and *bam*, no more Universe. This would doubtless be an event from which most investors have not adequately protected their portfolios. That is why Long or Short is now offering LHC End of the Universe Puts. It’s a simple put option wherein the buyer retains the write to sell the Universe at a strike price of “Existing”. Based on our Black-Holes model used to value all “end of the world” options, the July 2008 vintage options are currently priced at $20.

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Recommendation: These options are literally the only way to protect your portfolio from the possibility that when the LHC is turned on mini-blackholes will form, come together and have a blackhole party that literally rips the (cheap) fabric of universe asunder.

Don’t let this

The Large Hadron Collider looks like this

Turn your portfolio into this

We don't know if no existence is white or black or something else, we had an internal debate over it, anyone who has experienced it please let us know tia

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