2007 Going Private Awards

by Mr Juggles

Cohort and comrade, Equity Private, has created the 2007 Going Private Awards “intended to recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations to financial and economic ignorance, the elimination of market economies and the destruction of economic efficiency everywhere.” These are the most important awards ever created. LoS readers should submit nominations for the awards below to equityprivate@hushmail.com. The deadline is August 1st, 2007.

The Enron M&A Prize

…Presented to the management team responsible for the merger, acquisition, sale or divestiture causing the most extensive financial damage to equity or bond holders.

The Daniel Loeb “Chief Value Destroyer” Award

…Presented to the senior executive most responsible for the destruction of shareholder value.

The Maxwell Smart Prize for Mediocrity in Financial Journalism

…Presented to the financial journalist issuing the most sweeping generalizations, possessed of the weakest grasp of finance and most the deficient command of economics. (Note: As the prize has already been awarded to Justin Fox of Time, only submissions for “runner up” will be accepted).

The Thai Medal

…Awarded to the individual or organization most responsible for fostering regulatory or legislative initiatives leading to the frustration of efficient markets.

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