Blood Diamonds Without the Bling Bang

by Mr Juggles

Blood diamonds don’t actually contain any blood. Total bait and switch played by the liberal media on the romantic blood enthusiasts out there. The truth is that the current diamond oligopoly doesn’t want to provide consumers with blood diamonds and goes out of their way to ensure not only that the diamonds are not actual blood diamonds, but also that the diamonds are not even so-called blood diamonds. Ridiculous.

This is why we are bullish on LifeGem,to our knowledge the only company out there creating diamonds made out of people. These are actual blood diamonds:

LifeGem is a company offering to synthesize diamonds from the carbonized remains of people or pets. According to Dean VandenBiesen, speaking on the Stan and Terry show May 7, 2007, the company recently became able to create a diamond from a lock of hair.

These synthetic diamonds—precisely duplicate natural diamonds in both optical and physical properties—are touted as “memorial diamonds” and range in price from USD $2,500 for 0.20–0.29 carat (40 to 59 mg) stones to $14,000 for stones weighing 0.90–0.99 carats (180–199 mg). The company can extract enough purified carbon from one human body to synthesize up to 50 gems weighing one carat (0.2 g) each. As little as 227 g of remains are needed to make one diamond. Diamonds made from the cremains of pets are priced the same as those made from human remains, but the size of the animal may be a limiting factor. As of March 2005, LifeGem says it has served 1,000 families since the company’s founding.

Recommendation: Long LifeGem; just imagine how blown away your wife/GF/mistress will be when you give her a diamond not only from your heart, but of your heart.

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  1. w00t
    July 17th, 2007 | 10:40 pm

    are they GIA certified?