Crabs — Cephalopods or Crustaceans?

by Johnny Debacle

Reader Fadi commented that “Mmm. Crabs are crustaceans, not cephalopods.” This really depends on what the definition of “cephalopod” is. Scientists mistakenly use the term “cephalopod” to mean a very specific type of creature. Per wikipedia:

The mollusc class Cephalopoda characterized by bilateral body symmetry, a prominent head, and a modification of the mollusk foot, a muscular hydrostat, into the form of arms or tentacles.

Unfortunately for Fadi, for scientists and for people of that ilk, we live in the real world and not the world of science. Here a “cephalopod” is a cephalopod and all their allies. And as we all know Crabs:Cephalopods as WWII Italians: WWII Germans — fun-loving incompetent bottom-feeders who love spaghetti and wouldn’t mind being along for the world domination ride.

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