Cyclical Terrorizer: Long the Monkey Man

by Dr Deep Gupta

You may remember the outbreak of Monkey Man attacks in India a few years back. You may have also asked: “Where did the Monkey Man go?” or “Can he manage my 401k even if I’m not an accredited investor?”

The answer is yes. The Monkey Man went on a hushhush capital-raising tour to start his own hedge fund, The Emerging Market Supernatural Terror Special Opportunities Fund. As the name implies, the vehicle will specialize in investing in third world supernatural terror events, not dissimilar from the Monkey Man’s reign of terror on the streets of New Delhi. The fund already purchased a portfolio of spectral-haunting assets in the Congo region and reportedly bid on a soul-eating dragon in Laos.

Recommendation: The very fact that the Monkey Man was able to raise $400mm in capital to start the fund is bullish for the sector. Long cyclical folk terror, short reason.

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