Flagging the Market: Long the Danish Flag?

by Dr Deep Gupta

The answer is yes, according to Ahmed Abu Dayya, an independent souvenir shop owner & sometimes Long or Short Capital consultant. He lets his investment in a stock of Danish flags do the speaking:

When entrepreneur Ahmed Abu Dayya first heard that Danish caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad were being reprinted across Europe, he knew exactly what his customers in Gaza would want: flags to burn.

He sells his Danish and Norwegian flags for $11 a piece — a price he acknowledged might be dampening sales. Many protesters prefer to save money and make the flags themselves from scraps of fabric, he said.

Abu Dayya sources some of his flags from suppliers in Taiwan, but he buys Israeli flags from a merchant in Israel, even though he sells them to be burnt at anti-Israeli rallies.

Recommendation: This uptick in anti-Danish investing sentiment still has some legs. Technical charting indicate a rare double-swirl-crown-top, which has only been discussed in theory and never seen outside of experiments using Monte Carlo generators. Danish and Israeli flags are rated a strong buy with price targets of $16 and $19 respectively.

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