Google uses Perf

by Mr Juggles

From the article we used as a source last week in our atricle about Google’s (NYSE: GOOG) information technology side, there was a Perf sighting:

Performance reviews are handled in a similarly technocratic way. Google’s “Perf” system lets managers write e-mails–again read by a computer before any human–describing what a worker did on a project that was good or bad. Come review time, peers get an e-mail asking to compare the employee to other Google people. Perf breaks up the answers, measures who’s being compared with whom, and–get this–makes the answers public. The way Merrill figures it, techies like open-air back patting. Presumably, the process airs some dirty laundry, too, but Merrill says that would happen anyway. “We have to protect our culture as we’re growing fast,” he says. “That’s what keeps us up nights.


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