Henry Nicholas On Drugs? WATFO?

by Johnny Debacle

Henry Nichholas allegedly loves drugs

Broadcom (NASDAQ: BRCM) ex-CEO Henry Nicholas is being sued by former Kato, Kato, who is alleging that Henry Nicholas used drugs, spiked rival CEOs drinks with ecstasy, offered whores to clients, and forced Kato the Kato to partake in the drugs. You mean the guy in the middle of picture above is a drug user? I thought he was just one of Satan’s lieutenants on Earth.

KatoThe defense by Henry Nicholas’s lawyer is that his client is being exploited by a poed former employee, but that Nicholas was “[an] admittedly high-living technology executive.” Our defense would be “And? Aren’t all these things kinda awesome or at least a notch above playing golf? The defense rests, your honor.”

Recommendation: This makes all the backdated options, sketchy contracts and shenanigans he pulled off while CEO of Generically Named Technology Company, all the more impressive — he did it while intermittedly taking heroin. From my experience with heroin, it’s difficult to comport yourself without shitting your pants, so I can only see this as reason to praise Henry Nicholas for being able to get it done (note: my experience with heroin consist of watching Trainspotting).

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