On Extortion and/or On Retaining Legal Counsel

by Mr Juggles

It has become apparent to us that in this period of economic catastrophe that there will be an increase in rent-seeking generally, and legal wrangling, specifically. To ensure that we are adequately protected from/by the legal mafia, we have retained our own made esquire, Pleb.

Based on his first memo, two things are clear to us:

  1. He is clearly under impression that he is being paid by the word.
  2. Long or Short’s executive team and its legal counsel will be in a race against one another to suck all of the cash from the firm’s coffers, while there still remains cash in the coffers to be sucked.

Recommendation: Legal counsel is a market which is clearly not Mugabe Optimal. We think the former lawyers who populate congress should do the right thing and make the supply more affordable for the demand.

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