That Humble Post, You Know, The One We Have Never Written

by Johnny Debacle

Secret PirateryWe pride ourselves on not just predicting the market, but shaping it. From underseas futures, to piratery, to sexual harassment, we have taken backwater markets and squeezed the profit out of them for our readers. So if I say I’m a market shaper you will agree. What brings this up? I’ll boil it down for you.

  1. I’m amazing
  2. I made an amazing James Joyce joke while editing Mr. Juggles’ Overstock research.
  3. Subsequently, likely from having read our site, Long or Short Capital, widely known as the no.1 site for satirical financial research on the internet, a separate site, McSweeneys, widely known as not the no.1 site for satirical financial research on the internet but capable of producing material which is still pretty awesome, published an article (FAMOUS AUTHORS PREDICT THE WINNER OF SUPER BOWL XLII) which also featured an amazing James Joyce joke.
  4. Comparing the facts in 3. to the facts as laid out in 2. only strengthens the factiness of 1., namely, my amazingness and its existence.

Recommendation: When I say that James Joyce jokes are an appropriate long, you know this not to be false; you know this to be true. Long James Joyce jokes.

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