The Patrick Byrne Award for Fighting Market Manipulation: Christopher Cox

by Johnny Debacle

Topher Cox, head of the SEC and also a Jedi knight, has issued an order aimed at crushing the short-sellers and SITH lords who are trying to destroy the GSEs and some of the major investment banks. That order is the requirement that a trader must pre-borrow shares before shorting certain stocks.

SEC Chairman Christopher Cox said the SEC would institute an emergency order requiring any traders to pre-borrow stock before shorting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the embattled government-sponsored entities that own more than half the nation’s mortgages. It would also apply to the stocks of Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. The order is a near-term fix and will expire in 30 days.

Wall Street has been calling for the SEC to address short-selling, which some believe is contributing to market volatility and could be used to manipulate shares of financial stocks.

Under current rules, a short-seller must locate shares to borrow, which are later replaced with stock bought at a lower price. Some market watchers have been concerned that traders were borrowing the same shares from the same lender over and over, and driving down stock prices.

Recommendation: We’re sure that this regulation is very important and will fix all the underlying problems. The root of everything isn’t awful management, poorly calculated risk assumptions, no-no, just like with Overstock (NASDAQ: OSTK), the real problem is that the stock price is low and that’s due to market manipulation and that large Death Star that the market manipulators have been using to target certain financial stocks. Christopher Cox, you are the winner of the esteemed Patrick Byrne Award for Fighting Market Manipulation.

Be sure to pre-borrow Christopher Cox shares before you short him.

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