Dumbest Thought From a Plastic Surgeon I Read Yesterday

by Johnny Debacle

From this NYTimes article on plastic surgery:

“In a bosom-obsessed society where you think you can earn $20,000 more with bigger breasts, is it insane to consider taking out a loan to have surgery?” said Dr. Essig, who is writing a book on the economics behind plastic surgery. “The demographic is teachers, law enforcement officers and stay-at-home moms.”

Yes, it is insane. Not one of those three professions have any financial upside from bigger breasts. Now if you are talking about strippers, or charity fundraisers, or taxistutes, then yes, maybe a boob job becomes capex.

Recommendation: Long cosmetic surgery for women, despite its cost, it has huge immeasurable positive externalities. A government subsidy would better the world, but even purely private financed cosmetic surgery is a win for men. Also this site is amazing; intelligent exploitation of the idiot demographic.

HT to The Empirical Skeptic

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