I’m Long these 7 Posts

by Mr Juggles

Self-analysis of Long or Short. Judged and ranked for the strongest combination of humor and truth.

  1. Perf: The Next Big thing. Abstract, yet tangible. And clearly, very true.
  2. Supreme Court Dance Parties: Long. Truth was strong in this analysis, as this has been upgraded to Chief Justice Dance Parties, within only a month of our post.
  3. Visteon: Analysis of New Ideas. A graph and fraternal due dilligience. This is why we’re the best there are at what we do.
  4. Racialistness: Markets in Soul and Respect. An overview of the impact of the inputs of “soul” and “respect” on the music markets.
  5. Proposed Changes to Koran Pt 1: Mortgage Friendly. Everyone wants an ARM these days, let’s not let religion prejudice a group of potential homeowners against “freedom” financing.
  6. Mudpies, Creampies: Short, Long. Prefaced the whole OSTK hubbub. THAT is how you analyze.
  7. The Number Z: Preempting the trend. Like Perf, but with numbers. When is the last time a truly new whole number came along?

Recommendation: Give us your money. Riches will follow. We’re long Long or Short Capital LLC. Feel free to advocate for your favorite.

Full disclosure: We are Long or Short Capital LLC, which may or may not bias our opinions of ourselves. All external advocacy will be ignored.

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