Long or Short Capital Announces Q2’07 Dividend of $1.50

by Mr Juggles

Long or Short Capital’s second quarter of fiscal year 2007 closed on January 31st, 2007. After reviewing our financials, we have determined that the quarterly dividend will be the ceiling level of $1.50 per a subscriberholder as of 1/31/2007. To qualify, all you need to be is a subscriber, either by XML or E-mail, as of 1/31/2007. If you were not, you will not be eligible.

For more information on how to collect your cash or cash equivalent dividend for Q2, please refer to our Dividend Policy. Given our float of 508 subscriberstakes (as of 1/31/2007), a 5% growth assumption and our trailing twelve months total of dividends of $3.17 per subscriber, our current capitalization is $56,362 using a dividend discount model. Our market cap has grown 28.3% sequentially.

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