Long or Short Capital Now on Twitter

by Mr Juggles

Long or Short Capital Released this statement on Monday.

“Long or Short Capital is now present on Twitter. Based on the fact that one of our main contributors uses it, we estimate that at least one of our readership uses it. We don’t know if any of our other readers are on Twitter, or use it, or care if we are on it. We do know that it’s likely that if you are on Twitter and formally didn’t care if we were on it, you now do based on our tacit mutual acknowledgement of our superior smarts.

For a little background, Twitter was started in 1904 by Dean Twitter as a cooperative insurance organization for car-owners. It developed into a competitor to car clubs such as AA, but also branched out into various insurance businesses and of course, stock brokering. The depression happened and that was bad for Dean Twitter, as it was for many people. Then in 2006, Twitter scrapped all of its successful existing businesses and invested all of its capital in creating a Web 2.0 social web-app that allowed for users to communicate with one another in a way somewhere between a blog, a chat-room and IM. This is called tweeting.

To follow us on Twitter, log on to AOL and navigate to keyword Longorshort on Twitter.

Our twitter strategy is currently as mature as our humor, so we are not sure to what extent we will make use of the platform, if at all, other than as currently represented. Despite this, we expect analysts to raise forecasts to much higher levels, and frankly, this would really help me a lot, because I plan to sell a lot of company stock and would appreciate the bump. [Gracias muchachos] [Spanish Editor’s Note].

Mr. Juggles”

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  1. Anal_yst
    March 3rd, 2008 | 1:19 pm

    “…log onto AOL…”

    Huh, is it 1994 again or something?