Long the Peter Crouch Experience

by Johnny Debacle

6’7″ English footballer Peter Crouch is heavily oversold by English fans who discount his fantastic nambly-pambly running style, his stork like touch and his dance moves. We expect that his contributions to England’s World Cup 2006 cause will put pressures on the shorts and launch Crouch to new highs on the strength of the broad-based global appeal of his classic dance moves, which have not been matched since John Roberts’ son busted a move at the White House (Click for related report, I’m Long Supreme Justice Dance Parties).

Due Diligence:

Watch the first video from slightly before the halfway mark, then follow with the second video.

Recommendation: Peter Crouch embodies long, and we recommend accumulating as much of him as possible. Concurrently, we recommend placing a trailing stop on your position, due to potential intermediate term volatility.

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