Spam at its Best: Zoo auctions piantings by orangutan

by Johnny Debacle

A contact named “Lilley” sent me an email with the subject title “Zoo auctions piantings by orangutan”. She had me at “orangutan,” I didn’t even have to open up the attachment called “fluoresent.rtf” that was appended to the textless message to know that I am very long all zoo auction piantings by orangutan. To show that this is a real investable trend, here is an article about orangutan art fetching as much as £14k.

After his death Nonja inherited his paints and carried on the good work, in spite of a boyfriend called Vladimir who eats her artwork if not locked away in his cage.

Keepers believe Vladimir, who tried painting himself but kept making holes on the canvas, is jealous of his girlfriend’s success.

Recommendation: This is not just chatter, but likely insider info, so be careful how you use it. “zoo auction piantings by orangutan” are likely to go way up, sky is the limit for all simian art. Hold’em if you got em, buy’em if you don’t.

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  1. June 3rd, 2009 | 5:46 pm

    speaking of chimps, how much would a painting by George W. bush sell for?

    good articles>