Reader Comment on Le Nature’s Disaster

by Johnny Debacle

Oh no, more water!From the comments of Le Nature’s Disaster.

My father worked there. He was in constant fear of losing his job, because the Podlucky brothers constantly threatened to fire anyone who did not submit to everything they wanted. Anyway, now my father is on the verge of filing bankruptcy because he cannot [pay] his bills after being furloughed earlier this week. I cannot wait to see Greg Podlucky, John Podlucky, and the rest of the corrupt board (who were all related) go down hard.

On a side note: those performing the inspection of the company are the same people that did Enron and they said that what Podlucky was doing is 10 times worse than Enron and will be in college textbooks and taught in colleges/universities for the rest of time.

Recommendation: Le Nature’s sold bottled water. How do you fake selling a physical object and not have it bite you in the ass for that long? Amazing.

Le Nature’s continues to trade at significant discount to other well known frauds such as Worldcom, Tyco and Enron on the All Time Scandal Exchange. We chalk this discount up to the fact that the company was privately owned with only bank debt and a couple hundred million of senior bonds. We maintain our position that any company which can turn $30mm of actual sales into $300mm (an unheard of 10x topline fraud multiplier) without being a blackbox or service type company deserves a first ballot entry into the Fraud Hall of Fame. We expect the Le Nature’s fraud to realize substantial fraud appreciation as sophisticated investors begin to take notice, and institutional money begins to flow in.

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