Long or Short Capital FY’06 Results

by Mr Juggles

Unaudited Financial Results for FY’06

Income Statement

Contexual CPC Revenue $335.45
Static Ad Revenue $183.43
Other Revenue $32.13

Total Revenue $551.01

Cost of Sales $98.65
Marketing Expense $174.09
Operating Income $278.27

Balance Sheet
Cash $0
Accounts Receivable $177.12
Inventory $0.00
Prepaid Hosting/Reg $125.50
Accounts Payable $0
Cash Flow Statement
Operating Cash Flow $278.27
Tax Distributions to Partners $80.00
Capex $0.00
Dividends $X.00
Performance Metrics
Visits 119,920
Pageviews 212244
Clicks on ads ~767
Ad impressions served ~410000
Subscribers by Email 50
Subscribers by XML 232
Inbound Links per Technorati 154
Inbound Links per Google ~71 sites

Past Results (due to our reliance on SAAP, previous unaudited financial results are not reliable)
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