Long or Short Capital FY’07 Results

by Mr Juggles

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Note that the financials below are unaudited and may contain non-GAAP measures. All numbers comply with Seldom Accepted Accounting Principles (SAAP).

Unaudited Financial Results for FY’07
Income Statement

Contextual CPC Revenue $861
CPA Revenue $236
Static Ad Revenue $2483
Other Revenue $84

Total Revenue $3668

Cost of Sales $78
SAAP Income $3437

Balance Sheet

Cash $2914
Accounts Receivable $463
Inventory $0.00
Prepaid Marketing/Hosting/Reg $142
Accounts Payable $0

Cash Flow Statement

Operating Cash Flow $3146
Capex $0.00
Dividends $X.00

Performance Metrics

Visits 247,156
Pageviews 509,143
Clicks on ads 1224
Subscribers by Email 195
Subscribers by XML 1021
Technorati Rank 36,949
Inbound Links per Google ~403 sites
Google PageRank 5

Past Results (due to our reliance on SAAP, previous unaudited financial results are not reliable)

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Long or Short Capital Q2’07 Results
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