Cephalopod Long, now with Science

by Johnny Debacle

It’s happening. “Cephalopod populations are proliferating in response to a changing environment.”

Cephalopod populations are highly responsive to environmental change, with anthropogenic climate change, especially ocean warming, a plausible driver…

Cephalopods have a unique set of biological traits, including rapid growth, short lifespans and strong life-history plasticity, allowing them to adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions.

Cephalopod population dynamics are notoriously difficult to predict…

Cephalopods are voracious and adaptable predators and increased predation by cephalopods could impact many prey species [like mutual fund investors and rich outsiders who finance movie production].

We have advised many clients on the importance of the cephalopod trade and the maelstrom it represents for humankind. “Long cephalopods” was actually one of our very first recommendations. And as usual, we are seeing that science lags but ultimately catches up to the satirical, abstract, finance. Long or Short asked and answered the hard question of “Who stands to benefit from global warming and who is therefore most likely to be behind it” in our landmark piece, Cephalopod Positions: Rising from Underwater. Now we’re seeing our investment thesis play out in real time.

To wit:

  • Rising ocean temperature = increasing squid population
  • Rising oceans from rising ocean temperatures = increased habitable area for squids, decreased habitable area for humankind
  • Increasing cephalopod biomass = increasing food requirements for voracious cephalopod predators
  • I am delicious = I am future cephalopod overlords’ food source

The math speaks for itself.

Recommendation: HODL THE DOOR on CEPH. We say this as long time hodlers of The Cephalopod Index.

Long or Short Cephalopod Research:

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  1. Charlie Munger
    June 21st, 2016 | 3:40 am

    Is there an ETF for this? If so I’m going to reverse mortgage my mattress and load up!