The Cephalopod Index is Officially Out of Control; Long the Giant Pacific Octopus

by Mr Juggles

We cannot get enough of Cephalopods (see our earlier analysis of Octopi investments and hand puppets) and we contiue to see this investment as one whose bull thesis will climb a (sea)wall of worry.

What if the Fed stops raising rates? Will we see a rapid decline in the dollar denominated Cephalopod index as foreign banks pull their investments out of dollars and move into safer currencies like the Baht or Flooz? And more importantly, what will happen to the Cephalopod Index?

Putting your 401k in inhabitants of the deep seas can make even stalwart investing professional as ourselves ripe with anxiety. This will put you at ease. In this video a Giant Pacific Octopus (yes the same type that killed the shark in our earlier analysis) either dominates a submarine or tries to copulate with it, all while writing the great Octopus novel with a spare tentacle. We think it answers all relevant questions as to the fundamentals the Cephalopod index.

Recommendation: For investors with a higher risk profile, we recommend investing directly in the Giant Pacific Octopus, even though it is trading near its 52 week highs at $74.06. We appreciate the diversification provided by the Cephalopod index, but if we had to put our cephalopod eggs in one basket, that basket would be the Giant Pacific Octopus. It is not only blowing away the relevant operating metrics, it is actually destroying and/or eating its submersible competition.

(Thanks to collision detection, the only place that loves the Octopus as much as I do)

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  1. Lexi
    December 10th, 2009 | 7:01 pm

    This is cool stuff. I was wondering how much longer (if ever) until I can view the Giant Pacific Octopus attack video. Thanks!